Man sues Lidl for opening a bit later than usual

lidllogo1 Welcome to the story of David Benson. He's 65 and irritated with Lidl. Why? Well, his local store opened up a bit later than it would normally, which caused his mince beef to go off. And he's suing them about it.

Benson arrived at the Lidl in Edgware around 10am on a hot day last summer. On Lidl's website, they said they were opening at that time, but he noticed a 'hand-written note' stuck on the door, saying it wouldn't be opening 'til 11am.

As such, Benson claims that he was forced to wait outside until they opened, and during that time, his meat went off.

He said: "I realise there are those who would suggest that I am possibly over-reacting but I can assure you there were a lot of very unhappy people at 10am on that hot summer’s day".

He'd bought his mince at a local butchers first, and went to Lidl to get the rest of his groceries. Benson, who happens to be an estate agent, said that he phoned Lidl customer services as soon as he got to the closed supermarket. He was told that Lidl's opening hours had ‘recently changed’, and basically, they'd not updated the website yet.

Benson then wrote to Lidl, and he was offered vouchers. He says that he was treated ‘with complete contempt’.

A Lidl spokesperson said: "We can confirm the customer got in touch with us at 10.35am on June 7, 2015, and our customer services team investigated the matter fully. Our customer services team spoke to the customer over the phone and explained this, they apologised for the confusion and offered the customer vouchers as a gesture of goodwill."

Fans of legal dramas - Mr Benson’s small claims case will be heard at Watford County Court on February 18th.


  • Han S.
    What an utter twat
  • Albi
    Geez, why didn't this get immediately struck out as there being no reasonable chance of success? How did it get to a hearing???
  • LD
    Get a life
  • captain c.
    Idiot, everyone knows you should by highly perishable foods like meat LAST. And idiot for suing, I hope the judge throws it out and makes him pay both sets of legal fees.
  • Championthewondermule
    "claims that he was forced to wait outside until they opened" Of course he was, not like he could have hopped in his car and gone elsewhere or anything...
  • virgin s.
    Lets hope the judge throws this out and shows him up to be the idiot he clearly is. Common sense would tell you it was a hot day, he had an hour, drive home (estate agent got to have a good car) put the mince in the fridge and come back. Estate agents are in general the worst part of my job, when they call up they are usually snippy, rude and arrogant they seem to think they are better than everyone else.
  • Father J.
    Fucking mentalist. I hope the magistrate holds the silly cunt in contempt and shafts him for all the costs.
  • Raggedy
    Ahh, another step on the way to making our legal system mimic the American one.
  • Mary H.
    "Benson, who happens to be an estate agent" 'nuff said.
  • footie
    SUNDAY - WHAT BUTCHES OPENS ON A SUNDAY.... A London estate agent tried to sue Lidl over “a ruined Sunday morning” after the store allegedly caused his mince to spoil by opening an hour late on a hot day. David Benson, 65, and his wife were left waiting outside the Edgware Lidl branch for an hour due to incorrect times stated on the shop’s website. The couple, from Stanmore, had arrived there after a trip to the butchers in June last year to find a sign stuck to the door informing customers the shop would not open until 11am.

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