Man is jailed for stealing millions of Nectar points

Nectar card

Oh James Stevenson, you are a silly bugger. Daft James whacked millions of Nectar points to his collection of loyalty cards between 2002 and 2009, thinking that, at no point, would some kind of paper trail lead directly to him and, ultimately, send him to prison.

The Sainsbury's IT worker stole more than 17 million Nectar points from the firm, valued at £81,000.

The silly sod created false accounts to give himself loads of points, which he's apparently spent. And now, he'll be rattling a tin cup against prison bars as he was sentenced to 20 months in prison for fraud.

Judge Peter Thornton QC told him, reports the Telegraph: "You had access to the Nectar card system and loyalty card scheme. You abused your position over a period of years by putting points on to false cards. You then set about spending some of the money. You abused the trust that was placed in you by your employers."

"It is clear your initial motive was greed. This was a carefully planned, well-worked fraud on Sainsbury's."

The clearly bored Stevenson created at least 18 accounts under false names, some of them "silly names" and names of famous DJs, the court heard, presumably trying not to laugh as they were read out.


  • Jim
    17 million points and they're only worth £81k? Just goes to show how crap Nectar points are!
  • baz d.
    The guy who uncovered this (Jan) was James's direct report! Jan is pretty tenacious and kept coming to James, who realised he would be found out and confessed. Yes, you may think you're smart fiddling little bits here and there but eventually you will be found out!
  • MrRobin
    @ Jim... Nectar points have always been 200 to the £ 17 million divided by 200 is 85,000 Not sure what happenned to the other 4 grand though.
  • Bazinga
    He should have given himself a bazillion points and got the weekly shop.
  • bob
    Silly fucker. Don't buy things yourself, put them on cards for other people and take a cut.
  • Bill
    Bah he had it all wrong. Why go through all the hassle? Just get a job in one of my local bp garages where the bastards pretend to swipe your card and then swipe theirs as you leave. Number of times I've gone in after someone and seen them do it with some obscene balance on screen. The receipts should show your balance or something.

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