Man gets 5p Plastic Bag Tax tattoo

15 October 2015

Banter is one of the worst words in the English lexicon, so prepare yourself for the appearance of it in this article, about a man who got a tattoo about the 5p plastic bag tax.

Aden Brown decided to get famous on the internet (it worked, but clearly won't last) by getting his auntie to do a tattoo on his hip about the new plastic bag laws. The tattoo is of a stick man pushing a loaded trolley, along with the words: "5p bags! F*ck that. £1 trolley."

Have a look!

5p plastic bag tattoo


And now, here comes that awful 'banter' word.

He posted the photo saying: "Just to top this banter off the money I saved from not using the bags I got this. Thanks Tesco every little helps."

You see, Aden stole a trolley from a Tesco, which he says he's now returned. He added: "It was a joke between me and five of my mates. I said to the lady who served me, ‘I ain’t paying for bloody bags.’ I said, ‘I’m pinching a trolley’, knowing nothing would be done. I thought it would be really funny."

"With the tattoo, I wanted to push the banter to the next level. I went to see my auntie, who owns a tattoo parlour, and she said: ‘Why don’t you get it tattooed? Why don’t you push it a little bit more?"

"I've got religious tattoos and other important stuff, and I've even got a willy tattooed on my bum in memory of a friend who had his member shut in a door. I love my life. I'm always doing random things. People are too serious, but it’s all just a bit of banter. It is all I live for."

No-one actually speaks like that, so we smell a troll. Still, he got on our pages and countless other clickbait articles, so fair game.


  • KTF
    What an utter penis.
  • Chewie
    Wow, what a wacky crazy guy.
  • Bobinogs
    Candidate for feral trolley of the week?
  • Monkey T.
    What a fantastic aunt she must be, doing this to her nephew. Being an utter, utter, utter fucktard must run in the family. This isn't even remotely nano-amusing for the short time that something so mundane and banal is an issue and this quarter-wit has it on him permanently. Jesus. What an unfathomably massive twat. Let's hope that one of his top bantz mates dares him to put his head in a lion's mouth one day soon.

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