Man finds drugs in pocket of Primark shorts

primark logo A man bought some swimming shorts from Primark for £5, and in itself, that is a very tedious story. However, this fella found DRUGS in his shorts, which is more like it!

Now, what kind of drugs? Something fun like a £20 of weed or some Es or something? No. This man found a packet of anti-depressant drugs - one of the most boring drugs you could ever hope to stumble across while you're minding your own business.

Maybe this is why Adam Travers wasn't best pleased, as he told the Metro that he was 'horrified' with the discovery in his trunks that he bought from the Cascades Centre in Portsmouth.

His girlfriend, Hannah Youell pulled out the nine white pills from his shorts, the were wrapped up in the back pocket. Sounds like he was hiding pills in his new shorts and pretended to be shocked when he'd got sloppy with hiding them to us. His partner should check the history on his phone's browser and see if he's been 'hacked' looking at a load of mucky websites.

We're joking of course. The bad thing here is that, if pills are being left in shorts, that Travers' five-month-old son could have found them, and popped them all in his gob.

He says: "I was really shocked. If the baby had got them that could have been disastrous. It was also lucky we found them before going on holiday as it could have caused problems at the airport."

Police tests revealed the drugs were anti-depressants, which is anti-climactic, but what can we do? Primark themselves said that this is indeed, rather unusual and blamed it on an 'unapproved Chinese sub-contractor' and, thanks to this,; 'as a result, we have terminated our relationship with the supplier.'

If you find drugs in the clothes you've just bought, we hope they're more fun or have a better street value. Happy hunting!


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  • Stan L.
    Many moons ago I found £30.00 in the pocket of a pair of trousers I tried on in River Island. Long enough ago that I could afford to get pissed and a get a taxi home with it.

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