Mama Mia! Fresh DSGi bother as Swedish PC City stores to close

More bad news for DSGi, as PC City, their Swedish version of PC World, has announced the closure of all eight of their stores in the land of Volvos, Abba and Bjorn Borg.

230 staff will lose their jobs, and the closures are being blamed on profitability problems that the chain has had since the stores opened in 2003. More in this news story – and yes, we do speak Swedish.

The PC City brand will continue as an online entity in Sweden, and the company’s stores in Spain and Italy have not been affected… yet.

[Thanks to BW reader Andy]


  • Mark M.
    Where in the World...obviously not Sweden ;)
  • The B.
    "yes, we do speak Swedish." Referencing yourself in the plural is the 8th sign of madness. By the way, what has its got in it's pocketses?
  • james d.
    Last time I was in Stockholm I went to buy a PC there for my girlfriend's little brother. We were the only people in the store in the middle of the day on a Saturday. Not only that but it was very difficult to find help and when we did the salesman offered us no discount and nothing as an add on sale to the retail price of the PC. Not surprised they are going under.
  • goonertillidie
    where in the the world... the scrapyard
  • bawbag
    In before Mike Hock
  • Amanda H.
    In before Amanda HugginKiss
  • bawbag
    In before after another attempt at "dry wit(lessness)" from Amanda Hugginkiss.
  • DF
    Zeey moost hefe-a nut beee useeng Feefes pruperly. Sheme-a oon zeem. Bork Bork Bork!
  • Amanda H.
    bawbag, you hurt my feelings back there. If it wasn't for you, at last nights marathon Vaseline session, I'd be devastated.
  • bawbag
    Jesus, go easy on the comma splicing and I might actually understand that sentence!
  • Lol t.
    it's all bollocks.
  • john c.
    You should have kept me at DSGi !!! John Clare Chairmain - Dreams UK

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