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Bitterwallet - Roland Next Top ModelFancy screwing around with Next's dream of continuing to sell us expensive clothes by draping them over stupidly beautiful dunderheads? Your luck's in. In the hope of deepening customer engagement and all that malarkey, the retailer is running an online beauty contest, Make Me the Next Model 2011.

Thanks to the wisdom of the crowd, 24 year-old Roland from Belfast is currently on course to win a £2,000 shopping spree at Next, the chance to star in a photo-shoot for Next and a special introduction to leading model agency, Storm.

Of course, with wording like that, Next needn't make good on anything over than the two grand's worth of clothes. Still, let's make sure it happens, eh?

Bitterwallet - Next Model Roland


  • Kasias
    This is very very funny, but at the same time makes the point that it shouldn't just be thin and beautiful people that model clothes.
  • Dick
    Voted for him. He actually looks like a normal bloke compared to the rest of the top 10 most of whom are women and would probably buy* clothes in next. (*or more likely steal) Does the winner actually win, or do Next pick their winner out of the top 10? Other companies have done things like this in the past, so they don't have to go with the public vote. .
  • PokeHerPete
  • nick
    Join the facebook page!!
  • RickyRicardo
  • RickyRicardo
    P.S Good luck Roland
  • Tess T.
    I've never voted on any of these before but I couldn't sit back and ignore such a worthy cause! Roland, you rock! Let's take it all the way!
  • Steve
    Apparently the top 250 are invited to a location in London with 'industry experts' where they will pick the overall winner. So he most likely (okay .. 100% for sure) wont win :(
  • Janet C.
    Roland, why do you eat so much Roland? I am only trying to help you.
  • RebelNine
    He got my vote... good luck fella!
  • dacouch
    I wonder if gripper stebson still picks on him
  • Jimmy P.
    This is such a joke
  • Gret
    Even as a joke this is still really good, I hope he wins and gets the FULL price
  • Greg H.
    As part of the forum that knows Rolly personally I feel such pride that we have managed to get him at the top. He really is a great lad and deserves the prize. Vote once, vote Bunce!! AWOOGA!
  • NEXT’s W.
    [...] [bitterwallet / reddit.] [...]
  • Nash
    dude I ensure you, there is not going to a better marketing for next?
  • Andy
    @Greg House People are wondering if this is a publicity stunt for Next, or if he's actually put himself forward. Seeing as you know him personally, care to spill the beans? Andy
  • Abhi
    In all honesty, I can see this guy completely rocking a sharp suit. Go Roland go!
  • Edd
    He's big, He's Round. He's won £2000 Roland B, Roland B.....
  • Tim S.
    @Greg House I freelance for the national papers. If you know Roland personally, could you get in touch please [email protected]
  • Emma
    Good luck Roland, you got my vote!
  • grimupnorth
    wheeeeyyy ratfans vote once, vote Bunce
  • Max
    I like Roland, I really do. But as a Brit I had to give Matt S my vote and I'm pleased to note that he's moving up the field... Roland V Matt would be a nice one-two....
  • Brian T.
    As someone has already pointed out, the Terms & Conditions on the site say that the Top 250 are then pored over by a panel of judges and the winner is selected from them. It's not the public vote that decides the winner, so he's got no chance.
  • Buncefield B.
    FAO Greg House Shoe on head please.
  • Ubangi G.
    If NEXT puts Roland on the cover of their magazine they will sell more issues than they ever have and gain more publicity than they could ever afford to buy. This will go viral. They are fools to not promote Roland and make him 'their' star. He's one model we can all relate to and love, unlike the stick figure anorexics they have promoted in the past. GO ROLAND!
  • Michael
    Lol, this article has earned bitterwallet a mention on Yahoo!
  • Help R.
    [...] Roland! Make Roland the Next model 2011 | BitterWallet Your support is appreciated. Make it happen people, make it [...]
  • Chip
    I've voted for buncey, awooga.!
  • John
    If Next made clothes that made this man look like a model I'd never shop anwhere else. Sadly though, they only make clothes that a only make a model look like a model so I'd never spend my money there.
  • Mark
    Top Class ! "He's big, he's round, he's won £2,000. Roland B, Roland B."
  • maxine join the fb page
  • oliverreed
    Not being a cunt here, but Next sells up to 2xl if I am correct? Roland looks a touch larger, Next will need to sell 3xl + to cater for Roland. 3XL+ on the high street would be awesome, they rave on about us all getting fatter yet nobody sells the super plus sizes. I have an Animal outlet locally, 2XL is the most popular size and that's what sells out the quickest, surely make more then in those sizes? Being fat is isn't clever but the state of this cunthole of a country gives people little hope other than eating and drinking to excess. At least let us clothe ourselves and rock out like Roland. Oh, and please pronounce it the Grange Hill style, "Row Land" gives it greater depth and meaning by default!
  • tom
    Very annoying.
  • kv
  • Karhryn
    I am in tbe comp, it would be great to see some 'normal' people to win! The UK average for men and women is not what is used to adverise clothes on the uk highstreet. Seeing someone like Rowland as a model would be great!
  • John
    Apparently there are judges at the end so he will never win, regardless of how many people vote for him.
  • faster
    just seen him rolling out of mcdonalds heading for burgerking wiv his 6pack
  • Matt S.
    isn't he a bit fat to be a model?
  • Edd
    "isn’t he a bit fat to be a model?" FACE PALM.. DOUBLE FACE PALM........
  • Richard
    I decided against voting for Roland and instead reported the image as offensive :-P
  • Alan
    Next do not sell any clothes that will fit him. I know being about his size.
  • Adam
    Providing he’s ok with it and it’s not some personal jibe, I think it is great. Not to mention that fact that he’s got the potential to inspire other’s to be confident and comfortable in their own body! Another chap making his way through the top 250 is Roy Heyward, check out and vote on his page also; I for one think it’s be great if Next cast Roland, Roy or anyone that’s outside of the “industry manufactured normal” personified by stick think “gorgeous” people! Adam
  • benny b. heres the link if you need it guys. VOTE !

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