Majestic Wine - no more minimum purchases?

majestic wine Majestic Wine is having a bad time, with poor profits disappointing the investors. The company's pre-tax profits for the year fell by 22.5%, which is resulting in something of a rethink.

They're considering scrapping its minimum six-bottle purchase, in a bid to win over new customers.

New chief executive, Rowan Gormley, reckons that Majestic’s warehouse-esque stores and minimum-order requirements have put people off shopping with them, and that they're going to experiment with the way they do things.

One good thing is that this news is possibly the first time anyone's even heard of the company, so there's a start.

"What customers are saying is they find the warehouse format, the six-bottle minimum and the discount pricing structure difficult and intimidating. The six-bottle minimum comes up again and again so it’s something we will have to test,” Gormley said.

"The reason a number of new customers who walk into the store walk out again is that they thought it was a wholesale store." He added: "Customers tell us: ‘Every time I go in a store there’s a different person there. Nobody knows the wines I like and nobody treats me as an individual.’"

For those that care, things are going to change - to the rest of you; see you down the off-licence.

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