congratulate Scotland on their independence

The Scottish Independence Referendum (or, 'neverendum' for those who have been furiously bored by the whole thing) has had a lot of people debating and musing, and when that happens, you can bet your ass that a load of people in marketing are looking at ways of getting on board with the whole thing. got a bit trigger happy, congratulating the Scottish on their new found independence... that didn't happen.



What with Scotland still being part of Britain for the time being, the email will have no doubt offered Scots a painful glimpse into a future they could've had, where they could've had a bunch of navy blue things in their houses.

Obviously, navy blue things are banned now. realised their error and sent another email out, which was inspired by the Union Jack, which will serve to offer certain Scots the bleak realisation that they're tied to David Cameron for a while yet.



Now, all Scottish people who voted 'Yes' will be required to store all their broken dreams in a £179 'Jack Upholstered storage box' while watching their hopes float away while sat on a £769 'Edward Jack Armchair'.

Cruel business this politics lark.


  • Chippy W.
    An excellent deliberate error that has got them masses more (free) publicity than they could have hoped for. Alledgedly.
  • Mike H.
    They MADE a right fuck up, there, did you see what I did there? I put MADE cos they're called... MADE !!!... Oh FFS.

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