Maclaren pushchair eats children

10 November 2009

Maclaren Volo Stroller

What happens when a pram amputates your child's fingers off? You either assume it has somehow grown teeth and turned on your family in some dystopian nightmare or, you assume that your product is a piece of badly made shite.

Mercifully, we're not at the Sentient Pram stage in history yet (that's going to be around 2034 for the record... the same year Jimmy Savile finally dies), but rather, we're slap bang in the middle of the Disposable Crap Era.

As such, one million folding pushchairs, produced by British company Maclaren, are being recalled Stateside because twelve of them have been reported as slicing off the fingertips of future idiots/doctors.

Specifically, the product recall concerns nine models of 'umbrella' strollers (the ones that fold up for easier storage). The hinge mechanism on the pushchairs have been causing the bloodshed.

So while our American cousins are getting things done, what about those sold in the UK? Well, a spokeswoman for Maclaren has said that there will be no recall because the prams pass EU standards and have been AOKed by British trading standards, it's perfectly fine for British kids to potentially get their pinkies lopped off.

"Maclaren consulted with Trading Standards in the UK and, as our products conform to European safety standards (EN1888), it was agreed no action was deemed necessary" said a spokeswoman.

If you must know, the models that are trying to eat children are: the Volo, Triumph, Quest Sport, Quest Mod, Techno XT, TechnoXLR, Twin Triumph, Twin Techno and Easy Traveller.

Perhaps it is time for Maclaren to produce some child sized Gauntlets?



  • MAIA
    Maybe we need to look at our safety standards!
  • Gunn
    I saw this on most news channels this morning and again I couldn't see how this was fully the manufacturers fault, most items can be dangerous if not used correctly, and unless some parents decide to fold the thing in half with the child still in it to me its just a case of being prudent
  • gemz700
    I love my Maclaren pushchair.
  • Nobby
    EU safety standards assume basic common sense. Obviously they cannot do the same in the US.
  • bingob
    We have the XT and its fantastic. 'poses a fingertip amputation and laceration hazard to the child when the consumer is unfolding/opening the stroller' Are the Yanks leaving their kids in them when they fold them up?!
  • Fuzzy M.
    @bingbob - The problem happens "unfolding/opening" them - you wouldn't expect there to be any risk of finger crushing while you're unfolding the stroller so you can see why parents would not be so wary... Plus getting on/off buses etc. you need to keep the kids close by. Ok there may be some parental blame; but this does sound like a design fault,
  • magicbeans
    i love mcalren. idiots who slice of kids fingers and blame the pushchair!
  • Rod
    Again, there are comments that are missing the point. It is now acknowledged in the US that a range of Maclaren strollers are unsafe. And to address this, free safety kits are being provided to all owners. These are the same models that are sold in the UK. So the issue is about a known safety issue - not an opportunity for a racial slur on US parents. Are Maclaren more worried about a litigious US consumer who may join together for a class action? Or are UK fingers just cheaper than US ones? Just one accident to any child anywhere is an issue - these are children, this is a global brand and now one where certain strollers have known safety problems.
  • Jimmy
    Right i must get in touch with all car manufacturers and tell them they need to put something in place to stop my child trapping his fingers in the door. For goodness sake. Use some comon sense, you make sure your child isn't stood with his fingers in the door when you close it! I also believe it iis all buggies that open this way from all manufacturers. Mountain out of a molehill....
  • Kevin
    I watched someone showing the problem on BBC Breakfast this morning as well. I can't see how this is their problem. If you're chopping vegetables with your kid on the counter next to you it's your responsibility to make sure they are not in danger, same with this. It's not easy with little kids but its YOUR responsibility. Saying that yes there is no reason for the hinges not to be covered.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. There is a chance to make BIG BUCKS (£'s for the UK twats) out of this. Contact InjuryLawyers4uIdiots.
  • Dave
    This is a Gutsy Plan from the manufacturer. They have a product to be used by / for the most vulnerable members of our society. They have a basic design fault which makes them less safe than they could be. (not dangerous, just less safe). They have a simple kit to fix it. They are not going to recall the product to apply the kit - obviously applying the mathematical calculation that a finger or two is going to be considerably cheaper (in the UK) than a recall. I do wonder if they have factored in the brand cost however, as it would be a cold day in hell before I bought a product for my child from these guys.
  • Nobby
    Rod - American is not a race, it is a nationality.
  • Marcus S.
    I love how it is "idiots" to blame, and not the manufacturer. Yet no other manufacturer/brand has chopped off fingers. Oh yes, it must be the users fault, not the singular corporation with badly made junk. Idiots. Although any cunt using a pram/buggy/pushchair deserves their own (not the childs) hands slicing off. twats.
  • Maclaren B.
    [...] Following a couple of days of rumbling and grumbling from consumers and the media, Maclaren have stopped thinking about racing cars and turned their attention towards child safety. That’s in the wake of the product recall of the company’s ‘umbrella’ style buggies in the US, which it was claimed could be responsible for the chopping off of ickle children’s finger ends. [...]
  • a m.
    I hope that any action against those responsible for manufacture/sale of dangerous buggies will include those within the trading standards profession who claimed that the pushchairs are safe!! A Monk

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