London Underground goes pop

14 March 2014

london underground tube A number of London Underground stations are to host a selection of pop-up shops.

The scheme will allow retailers temporary spaces across the network, has been organised by Transport for London and Appear Here, who connect landlords' empty spaces with retailers, and will be programming the scheme at the various sites.

The first station to use the scheme will be - OF COURSE - East London's Old Street.

Other stations taking part in the scheme include Piccadilly Circus, St James’s Park, and Baker Street. Around 15 units will be used in total.

The Old Street spaces will be used for "retail or experiential purposes", sez Appear Here.

It adds, "The spaces will be curated around themes, concepts or seasons, every three months so that consumers constantly see fresh and exciting ideas on their daily commute."

Which is basically a load of ponce-speak for "shops and stuff!"

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  • Colin
    So are they going to kick out the bloke who's been selling £1 bags of fruit for years from a stall at Old Street? They'll probably replace him with a "pop up" stall selling the same fruit put through a juicer but for £5 a glass. Who thinks up these schemes?
  • London U.
    [...] to complement that, TfL are going to be hosting a select number of pop-up shops in a number of underground stations. We don’t know much just yet, but it’s expected to be retail outlets, and they will be [...]

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