London, New York…Doncaster

What constitutes a top shopping destination? Designer stores, gilded emporiums, cocktail bars, women who look like they’re in a bad 80s video swinging Gucci bags off their wrists, followed by bell hops carrying precarious hat boxes?


No, it’s Doncaster. Doncaster is one of the UK’s top 50 shopping destinations, according to retail consultancy Verdict. OK, so it’s at number 48, but even so – DONNY IS THE NEW MILAN.

Its inclusion on the list means Doncaster has knocked out other top Yorkshire rivals, including Bradford and that poncy Harrogate, where you can buy an artisan scone and a Whistles dress with sleeves but little else.

Verdict surveyed 1,455 shopping areas, including towns and cities and out of town shopping malls. And it seems that there really is a shopping sensation happening in Doncaster. In 2011 its market was voted Britain’s Favourite Market by the National Association of British Market Authorities!

It’s good news for the town, as retailers use Verdict’s shopping top 50 as an indication of where to place new stores. So watch out Paris- Doncaster's coming atcha. Well, it’ll probably get a new branch of JD Sports, anyway.


  • you
    I had to go to Doncaster on a course once. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
  • jim
    the only thing i would say about donny is its nicer than grimsby. only just - and grimsby for those that dont know is a complete shit hole
  • Grammar N.
    It is grim in Grimsby.
  • tom
    The last time I looked Paris is not in the UK, this was a list of the top 50 UK shopping destinations. Looking at the rest of the country I am not surprised, Doncaster at least has some shops open.
  • The M.
    "Doncaster, La-la-la"

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