Local shop may incur the wrath of Tesco with name

We do love a little shop with a dodgy name, especially ones that sound too much like a massive chain. And so, to South London, where we find a shop called Tesos Express.

Now, this shop used to be called Union Convenient, but they thought they'd have a rebrand and potentially get Tesco's lawyers knocking on their door.


Talking to the Evening Standard, someone at Tesos Express said: "It has been like this now for more than one year, so I think we will be okay."

Now it is on the internet, the shop's basically been grassed up and Tesco may well want to 'protect their brand'. Big brands have a lot of protection of their own names, and they will include those who try and 'pass themselves off'.

Anyway, we're off down to Azda and then Sainsberries for some bits... does anyone need anything?

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  • Alex
    The name is similar but the colours and branding are similar so I imagine Tesco lawyers will win this easily as the have copied the logo. However Tesco have a lot more problems than this to sort out.

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