Local butchers still doing well out of horsemeat scandal

It seems that the British public has long memories when it comes to horsemeat, and they never want to risk accidentally eating perfectly edible and safe horsemeat ever again. Instead, people have started using their local butcher - who probably scratches his dandruff into the sausages - but at least he’s not a horse, or worse still, a FOREIGN HORSE FROM ROMANIA.


According to the National Federation of Meat and Food Traders, the good old independent British butcher is experiencing an upturn in fortunes, with reports of a 15%-50% increase in demand. Customers are keen to know the provenance of their meat since the horsemeat scandal, and butchers have managed to hold onto their trade – as stripy-aproned random guys with massive knives are seen to be more of a trusted source of local produce than the supermarket.

Still, although it might be borne out of unfounded squeamishness and xenophobia, people buying their food from a local small business is a nice return to the butcher/baker/candlestick maker high street shopping of old. Roger Kelsey, CEO of the NFMFT said:

‘Independent butchers have the benefit of local supply and in most cases they know the farmer up the road and have a one-to-one relationship with them.’

Eeee, I remember when it were all Asda superstores round here, as far as the eye could see…

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  • Noghar
    People have largely forgotten the big scandal in the 1980s when the Vestey family who owned a huge number of high-street butchers were found to be paying almost no tax (Amazon & Co didn't invent it). A few years later all those fake local butchers shops had closed down anyway because Tesco et al sold the same (crappy quality) meat cheaper. The only local butchers to survive were the ones selling top-quality stuff, the ones you'd see a queue outside on Saturday morning. They're now benefiting from the backlash against the supermarkets, and the bloody well deserve to.

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