Live slug found on Burger King meal

23 July 2013


A man called Manminber Singh, was minding his own business munching through his Chicken Tendercrisp burger, when he spotted a slug crawling over a piece of lettuce.

Singh, who bought the meal while out with his wife in glamorous Darlington, and complained to staff. However, he was not impressed with the response.

"The staff did not seem bothered, and the manager just wanted to give me my money back," he said. "She said it was a problem with the chiller, but I think it is because the place is not properly clean."

A Darlington Borough Council spokeswoman stated: "Our Environmental Health Officers visited the outlet and have begun preliminary investigations on their food management procedures.

"From this initial visit, it would appear that the slug has come in on pre-washed lettuce which was then overlooked in the processing of the food order. There is no apparent evidence of an insect infestation."

A spokeswoman for Burger King UK Ltd (pictured right) said: "As a global brand, we aim to provide the highest levels of food quality and service in all restaurants so that our customers have a great experience with us every time. We are taking this situation very seriously and are conducting a full investigation. We greatly value customer feedback to ensure we get our service, restaurants and products right every time."

How it survived the salt is nothing short of a miracle.


  • Chewbacca
    Was he on holiday?
  • amazon s.
    @chewbacca Nah , he was on his break from his Burger shop across the road.
  • ipeters42
    Clearly as on a MacDonalds one only finds dead slugs....
  • Artudeetu
    "Nah , he was on his break from his Burger shop across the road." Why did the slug cross the road...
  • fibbingarchie
    Usually the slugs are found serving the meals.
  • Chewbacca
    @amazing zoomba Makes sense. Was either on holiday or had a shop.
  • jim
    ironic but the slug was probably healthier to eat than the burger. badum tish!
  • Mustapha C.
    Sounds like a clear case of a lack of Duty of Care to me. Put the claim in iznit?
  • Octavius A.
    Customer: "Here mate, there's a slug in my burger" Billy No Stars: "That's not a slug sir, that's fat" Customer: "It's entitled to be fat, its eaten all the f##king meat"
  • Chewbacca
    ^Looks like that twat john2020md from HUKD has an alias on here. What a fucking moron.

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