Littlewoods charge more for same items on Very

very-logo Some of you might already know this, but it always worth reminding people that Littlewoods charge more for products sold on their sister-site, Very. In some instances, you'll pay a third more at Littlewoods, for exactly the same item.

So if you're doing some shopping with Littlewoods, it is always worth checking out Very too.

For example - if you buy Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for the PlayStation 4, you'll pay £44.99 at Very, but if you buy it from Littlewoods, it'll set you back £59.99. One Armani watch will cost you £220 with Littlewoods, while it'll cost you £175 at Very.

Given that they're invariably sent from the same supplier and stocked at the same warehouse, this is a kick in the teeth if you've been doing all your purchasing at Littlewoods. Both stores are owned by Shop Direct.

While this has been common knowledge for a while, if this is news to you, you are now armed with the tools to try and get your goods cheaper, especially if you're racking up the costs while doing your Christmas shopping.

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  • Dave
    Or save even more money by not shopping at Very either.

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