Lidl to invade central London


Watch out posh people of London! Lidl are coming! It'll be like a really polite invasion, taking on your precious Waitroses!

Lidl are opening dozens of new supermarkets in some of London's swankiest areas, such as Chelsea, Mayfair, Notting Hill and Highgate. This is bad timing for Waitrose, as they've just reported a 1.3% drop in sales.

Will Lidl be able to win over the Russian oligarchs and balding record producers that litter these areas? Well, they've been making eyes at shoppers who have a bit of money, by stocking fancier (and often award winning) wines and booze. However, snooty people might see Lidl as 'ghastly' or somesuch and may not want to step inside one. They could always send their personal assistants, we suppose.

Lidl are looking for London sites that are somewhere between 10,000 and 28,000 sq ft, which is big enough to house a medium-sized supermarket.

Lidl’s UK property director Richard Taylor said: "The nature of our store concepts mean that customers will be able to carry out their full weekly shop no matter which store they visit, and have confidence that prices will remain consistent across all locations."

"We are looking forward to offering our fantastic value and quality products to more customers, as well as bringing new jobs and investment across London."

Lidl will also be popping up in Chiswick, Barnes, Muswell Hill, Dulwich, Battersea, and Wandsworth, if they get their way.

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