Lidl to bring out Smarter Shopping card and 'Autumn Range'

lidllogo1 Lidl are going to win some friends with the introduction of the new 'Smarter Shopping' card, which will let you gobble up a different promotion each week. However, it'll only be available in Scotland... for now at least.

The first of the offers came last week, where you can get £5 off when spending £25, and from then on, the following deals will be highlighted online and in-store, for 10 weeks.

Now, this isn't a loyalty card, thanks to the time frame on it, and Lidl have said that they won't be collecting data on their shoppers. Basically, you redeem you rewards at the checkout, and there's no limit on how many times you can use the card.

Nationwide, Lidl have also unveiled their Autumn range of clothes, which has got some mutters of approval. Certain quarters are rather excited at the classic leather biker jacket that is going on sale, for the price of a paltry £14.99. Lidl sold the item last year, which sold out in three days!

They'll also be selling a black denim jacket (also £14.99) and a Chanel-inspired boucle jacket, whatever that means.

There's also going to be some leather-look headphones for £7.99 and some mirrored shades for £2.99. Basically, if you buy all of this stuff, you'll look like an '80s action film hero.

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  • NotWhoYouThinkIAm
    Will that be "Man Made Leather" as spotted on a leatherette chair at a DIY chain a while back. (Presumably made from the skin of illegal immigrants) . . . . (JOKE ALERT ON THE LAST BIT!!)

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