Lidl supports UK farmers

Lidl supports UK farmers

Lidl have said that they're going to be supporting British farmers, by stocking more in-season British fruit and vegetables, and to cut waste and to treat suppliers fairly.

The supermarket has also vowed to give growers greater price certainty and pay them on time.

Of course, this is hugely important to the UK economy, and is a big issue for the people who supply for our supermarkets - we saw Tesco lambasted for their treatment of their suppliers not too long ago.

Lidl are the second supermarket who have signed up to the National Farmers' Union “fruit and veg pledge". Aldi already did this in 2015.

The move has been praised by the National Farmers' Union (NFU), who created this pledge to protect fruit and vegetable growers, and of course, better the relationship between retailers and producers.

Ali Capper, NFU horticulture and potatoes board chairwoman, said: “We are delighted that Lidl has publicly committed to our pledge, highlighting its commitment to long-term supply relationships, equitable distribution of reward along the supply chain, and fair and respectful trading relationships."

"Our goal is to generate integrity, honesty and openness across the market and that can only come from the key asks within our pledge - which includes price certainty, transparent working and strong, long-term relationships that are fair for everyone involved."

"Lidl, with its already long history of working closely with its suppliers, is an ideal candidate to make the pledge."

Ryan McDonnell, commercial director for Lidl UK, said: “We are very proud to have developed and maintained strong, long-standing relationships with all our suppliers, and our commitment to the NFU pledge cements this further.

“We're also very keen to ensure that our sourcing process supports the growth and development of UK growers, which is vital in encouraging more and more people, particularly our shoppers, to regularly eat more fruit and veg."

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