Lidl school uniform for under £4

Lidl school uniform for under £4

School uniforms can be irritatingly pricey, especially if you have more than one child in the house and they all insist on continuing to grow.

Well, Lidl are potentially kicking off a price war, as they're launching a school uniform that will cost £3.75!

For your money, you get a pack of two polo shirts, trousers or skirt, and a warm top, all for under £4. Some pints cost more than that.

Aldi sell cheap school uniforms too, where a similar deal is bang on £4 (handy to know if Lidl sell out of theirs).

If you're wondering how this compares to the larger supermarkets, at Tesco, a similar purchase will cost over £8, and around £13 at Sainsbury's.

Apparently, if you were to buy a whole school year's worth of stuff from Lidl's 'Back To School' range, you'll spend a grand total of £50.

Lidl's school uniform expert Josie Stone said: “With our school clothing range starting from as little as £1.25, the money saved can make a huge difference to the bank balances of hard working mums and dads – which families can use to spend quality time together."

"Despite the new range being the best value on the high-street, shirts are made from 100% cotton, girls' skirts have permanent pleats, and school shoes are made from genuine leather, ensuring less wear and tear than many synthetic versions."

You'll have to pop down to your local store to see what's what.

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