Lego to launch thinky ladies set

bw lego lady Lego lovin' girls just want to have fun, and also while they're at it, have an adventure where the boffins and geniuses are female as a bonus.

And now, from August 2014, they can!

The toy company has approved new designs for female scientist, paleontologist and astronomer characters from its Ideas online competition.

A prototype set designed by Ellen Kooijman, is to go into production this year, after an online campaign gained traction until Lego could do no more than essentially shout "ALRIGHT THEN".

But it's deeper than that, as Kooijman explains: "As a female scientist I had noticed two things about the available Lego sets: a skewed male/female minifigure ratio and a rather stereotypical representation of the available female figures"

“It seemed logical that I would suggest a small set of female minifigures in interesting professions to make our Lego city communities more diverse,” she added.

lego ladies

And now it's real. Lego have officially said so here: "We’re very excited to release Ellen Kooijman’s Female Minifigure set, featuring 3 scientists, now entitled 'Research Institute' as our next Lego Ideas set... This awesome model is an inspiring set that offers a lot for kids as well as adults."

It's all brilliant until some meteor storm makes all these Lego characters sentient and THEN shit will get real.

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  • weenie
    Lol, brilliant! I'd get the set for my niece but sadly right now, she only likes things that are pink and to do with princesses!

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