Lazaruswatch? Saviour coming for Comet?

Back in the 1980s, Tina Turner famously sang ‘We don’t need another hero’ while her fellow chanteuse Bonnie Tyler was Holding Out For A Hero instead. Who was right? Maybe both, maybe neither.

If you’re a Comet employee, you’re definitely in the Tyler camp right now, with redundancy looming just ahead of Christmas. But that hero could be on the horizon, with reports that a ‘mystery tycoon’ is trying to buy up 140 of the 195 not-doomed-yet Comet stores that administrator Deloitte is trying to flog.

An insider tells The Sun that Deloitte have ‘accepted an outline deal’ for the stores, from a Bournemouth-based tycoon who is believed to be linked to the Euronics distributor.

Meanwhile, Bolton-based Appliances Online has made a ‘seven-figure’ bid to snap up the Comet brand name for exclusive use on the web. 1,500 Comet staff have lost their jobs, but today’s news will bring fresh hope to the remaining workers.


  • euronicsguy
    Wonder if that will be Ken White then ?
  • Wongaporkpies
    Bullshit so why are the administrators still closing stores on a weekly basis ?
  • Reser
    Please just let Comet die already, it is the worst electronics store that has ever graced our high street. Dirty overpriced garbage sold my mindless idiots who do not have a clue what they are talking about and try to con you into buying ridiculous overpriced insurance. I cannot wait to see the back of Comet.

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