Lazaruswatch: Is RBS ready to buy up GAME?

retaillazaruswatch It could be good news for GAME over the next 24 hours, with strong rumours abound that the wrecked retail chain is about to exit administration after only a few days. The potential buyer – why it’s only state-owned bank RBS!

Gaming website MCV has been told that a deal to save what’s left of GAME is incredibly close with things being sorted as soon as tomorrow if all goes well. There were reports that RBS were keen to buy the company before administration kicked in and 277 stores were closed.

An offer from OpCapita (which supposedly would have kept ALL the stores open for now) was rejected last weekend… erm, by RBS, who were also owed a truckload of money by GAME. Hmmm…

Watch this space though – it looks as though GAME may live to fight another day – part-owned by ALL OF US!


  • Phil
    If they had saved the three stores per major city/town (Maidstone and Southampton as an example had two GAME and a gamestation) then they wouldn't have last much longer anyway. This was an easy way to trim the fat and make it lean enough to survive for now. I'm sure reading this won't be pleasant for an unemployed GAME employee but it would have only delayed the inevitable.
  • Zleet
    Would only work if they shed most of the bricks and mortar apart from just enough to remind people of the brand and concentrated mostly on the online side. Still means your average employee would be fucked.
  • kv
    just keep all the gamestations, and convert a few GAME stores where there is no Gamestation. GAME is now a seriously tainted brand, and any new owner needs to distance themselves from the brand name as much as possible
  • Sicknote
    Well they're both a bunch of fuck ups so they'll get along very well.
  • Sicknote
    ..PS What are they going to buy..?...if they think that the online brand is worth anything then have they looked at the financial numbers from this year....pitiful Amazon Play Shopto Zavvi The Hut's a crowded market
  • Mike H.
    Are RBS taking the piss with this one? To piss you off even more after the bonus furore, we're going to splash the cash you bailed us out with by buying a beleaguered video game store! Even though, we undestand the high street is doomed and we have identified that tangeble media is quickly dying in favour of online storage. Fucking twats!
  • Dick
    > Still means your average employee would be fucked. Let's face it, it is the only way most of them will ever get fucked.
  • Stu
    Mike, it likely isn't costing RBS a lot to buy GAME. The company is near worthless. However, they owe RBS rather a lot of money. They wouldn't get all of much back if anyone else bought GAME or if the administrators shut down the company and sold off the assets. 'Buying' GAME (the term 'buying' is used in a rather loose sense here as it's unlikely that much money will be changing hands) is the best way for RBS to regain the money owed (hopefully with further revenue on top). Shutting down one or two stores in most UK towns/cities is a good start, it'll put the rent and wage bills in to more sane territory.
  • Me
    Maybe they're buying *a* game. Not Game. Monopoly perhaps, to teach them how to invest wisely.
  • Me
    On a serious note high street media outlets are the new highlander. There can be only one. The in-person shopping market is dwindling. We've seen the death of so many media outlets, from Our Price, to Virgin (or Zavvi as they were know for 8 minutes), then Borders, Dillons got swallowed years ago, and this is not forgetting the thousands of indie record, game and bookstores which have closed down. HMV are the only non supermarket store now for CDs/DVDs and they're dying on their ass too. So perhaps less like highlander and more like the dodo. There aren't infact going to be any. Over priced, few niche items, and no real attempt to reach out and please customers.
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