Last-minute winner for Setanta?

It could turn out to be a comeback as unlikely and spectacular as Manchester United’s 1999 Champions League Final win. The company whose full title has become TroubledIrishBroadcasterSetanta are said to be in talks with a major investor, a move that could prevent them from sliding into administration.

The identity of the potential investor remains unknown at the time of writing although it is believed to be an unlikely name straight out of ‘left field’, which rules out ESPN, who were linked with buying up the sports rights owned by Setanta in the event of the troubled Irish broadcaster’s collapse.

It’ll mean a further spell of speculation and rumour and as consumers and sports fans, we can only hope that the company survives AND sorts out its many problems. Competition for Sky is no bad thing at all, and if the potential new investor is a company with some cracking customer service values, we could all be happy when the new football season starts in August.

Apart from Newcastle United fans that is. It’s going to take a while for them to cheer up.


  • Dave P.
    Bah. I hope they both go bust.
  • Tizer
  • Francis R.
    Can these companies really be 'saved' from the clutches of administration? No one will want to take a subscription with them in case it collapses again? Surely the company will never recover from this even with a bottom less pit of funds.
  • free 4.
    Competition with Sky is not good in this case!! All the PL games that are shown on Setanta now used to be Pay per View on Sky. But you could buy a £35 "season ticket" with sky to watch all of them. So to watch all televised PL matches you used to pay normal sky rates plus £35. Now you pay normal sky rates plus £10 per month to Setanta, or £90 for the full season. So the customer is actually worse off if they want to watch all PL matches!! Thanks for that!
  • Wilko
    I'm a Newcastle United fan and I'm quite cheery. I'm looking forward to trips to Grimsby and Scunthorpe next year. NOT.
  • Tom P.
    @ Wilko You better get used to it, you'll be playing down there for many years.
  • Yer M.
    yer ma says setanta should die
  • Alan S.
    I'm really looking to next season, we might actually win some games. Yours Alan FTM.
  • Wilko
    @ Tom - You're not wrong mate. Newcastle's best ever recovery from relegation took 4 years. And the Championship is a much harder league now, especially with the players Newcastle have got (i.e. no bottle or workrate)
  • Carlos J.
    Let sick DOGS die PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE Competition is good but Shitanta were sooooooooo BAD After long telephone and mail conversations with Shitanta, they all deserve to be unemployed ;) useless bunch of wasters
  • MrRobin
    Investor is Len Blavatnik -- the guy who owns Top Up TV on Freeview... another channel I don't watch.

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