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Tick tick tick tick... that's the sound of the Bitterwallet clock counting down to midnight tonight (Friday) . With hindsight, we should probably have got one that goes tock as well, but that's not important right now. What is important is that once it strikes midnight, you'll no longer be able to bang in a nomination for our Worst Company In Britain 2010 Award. That would be a massive tragident.

So time is running out for you to name and shame the company that has boiled your proverbial piss the most over the past twelve months - who knows, perhaps they'll end up being named as the crappiest company in the UK when the actual voting ends in the run up until Christmas.

You can nominate any company that has completely got your goat over the past twelve months as long as they operate in the UK (sorry, haters of Finland’s wretched Jizzlish range of pubic beard trimmers).

Put your nominations and your reason for naming and shaming them in the box below or if you’re following us on Twitter, you can tell us which company you hate the most over there as well with an @ reply.



  • Jack
    BT - unpredictable speed (slow), service mediocre, price high HTC - poor customer service, high charges even under warranty
  • Isaac H.
    Virgin Mobile: Ignorant buggers throw you to back of queue if they can't answer your query and they lock your account before your final bill is processed. Absolute tossers.
  • Jill
    Quidco - too many unpaid validated claims. Absolutely no proactive work to address these by Quidco.
  • Patrick K.
    Orange - dreadful customer service; lie about signal coverage on their website to encourage you to sign up
  • Mark
    Orange (bad customer service, long waits on calls, rude)
  • businessman
    This is a difficult one. There are just so many of them each worse than the other in their own special way. I think the nomination has to be Fuckwit Telecom though, oops sorry they are actually called Orange.
  • Paul C.
    Hope you got my nomination for those cunts @ Groupola
  • Daviebroon
    How can you possibly say HTC? The company and service are fantastic. BT, Orange, Vodafone, DSG Group (PC world, Dixons etc), Barclays and Dell.... all the usual really.
  • Jon
    3rd place goes to Microsoft 2nd place goes to Zucci Clothing 1st place goes to NatWest (disgusting company)
  • Rich
    Sainsburys Entertainment. For just being shite. Website full of things they don't stock.
  • Orange 4.
    1st MemoryBits for the biggest con of the year 2nd Sainsburys Entertainment for having no stock of anything but ordering in on demand then sending cancellation emails out a week later in the run up to Christmas 3rd Pixmania for breaking every law in the book & not giving a ..................... Happy days. Nice paint job on the Rolls.
  • fed E.
    Sainsburys Entertainment, took my money then ignored me. No response to my emails fed up with them.
  • The D.
    As above...... really poor show!!
  • suresh call centre in last 6 months.. used to be top notch but now its pathetic. dont know if the call centre is new or different from the old but it is the worst.
  • mimorris1978
    Sainsburys Entertainment, took my money then ignored me. No response to my emails fed up with them. 99% of orders seem to be cancelled as they never had stock in the first place.
  • Jim
    HDNL/Yodel. Appauling delivery service.
  • akiss
  • Craig
    And in first place.... every crook's friend.......Paypal, what a bunch of cheating, robbing bastards
  • livefeed
    PAYPAL , you are guilty unless you can prove yourself innocent to their satisfaction when an ebay sale goes pear shaped, an absolute joke of an outfit
  • amin
    Google UK: awesome service but no customer service Play: wasting packaging, slow service and noooo customer service BT: no brain really 3: they don't speak english really
  • John
    Sainsbury's Entertainment. Worst company of the decade. They take your order and debit your account, then email you days later saying they don't have it in stock. THEN they don't refund your money. I would avoid these at ALL costs!!
  • amin
    I agree Paypal too
  • amin
    oh and currys digital they are awful really
  • steve f.
    Do you get the impression someone here has had a bad experience with Sainsburys Entertainment? No? Well, I'm going to say Tesco, because someone has to.
  • oliverreed
    Us, for breathing, every function thereafter is going to annoy the fuck out of someone else...
  • Adam
    1.) Memorybits/Zoombits 2). PayPal 3). Orange Accessories
  • Eldini
    1. T-Mobile, utterly terrible company. Massively overcharge long time members, piss you about for your PAC, then if you pay for an unlock code from them they only give it to you after a month when you threaten legal action. 2. Britelite Windows, installed some crappy doors and won't properly sort them out despite having been out a few times already. 3. Can't forget PC World/DSGi, useless tits as always. 4. Other than that, Sainsbury's Entertainment is making a nice late push too with their cancelling of hundreds of orders for dozens of different products they never had stock for in the first place.
  • John
    Absolutely the worst on-line retailing experience I have ever had. Run by a bunch of complete muppets with no consideration for customers. Advertising lots of items which apparently were never in stock, which had magically 'been deleted and no longer available by their suppliers' seemed to be the standard emailed excuse. INEPT, INEFFICIENT, INCONSIDERATE!!! Just google 'Sainsburys Entertainment X Box 360 Arcade' example of how to make a company look like a complete shambles. Never use them again.
  • steve c.
    It has got to be a company called Digitalera, Not only are they very unhelpful after they have sold you something. They are actually thieves as well. Sent my item back for repair and it was purchased from them for £200 and they never returned the item. I threatened them with court action but it is the sort of company who just dont give a damn.
  • John-hater
    John - you are an arse. Just because you ordered an old model Xbox console from Sainburys that is no longer produced and was on the website by mistake and you decided to risk placing an order for something you were never going to get, that makes Sainburys the worst company? Hey, I ordered a limited edition blu-ray from them that was way underpriced and I didnt expect to get, but it was delivered - so that makes Sainsburys the best company in the world to me! This country is unfortunately filling up with peolple like John who jump on other epople mistakes and then expect something for nothing or some kind of compensation. I vote John as the worst company, but seeing as he is classed as a giant arse and not a limited company I vote for British Gas.
  • John-hater
    Yes and before you jump on my mistake John and claim compensation from me I know its 'people' and not 'epople'. And youre still an arse!
  • 2nd M.
    I'd send you a letter saying it was Royal Mail but lets face it you'd never get it. So Royal Mail for over charging and then losing the claim for compensation, getting nasty over an email sent to their chairman. Also Royal Mail who still haven't managed to catchup from the snow and took two weeks to deliver 1st class mail from Dorset to Kent. Oh and also Royal Mail for "losing" a birthday card with vouchers in it. And did I mention Royal Mail for losing a recorded parcel and offering a book of stamps in compensation. And I think this missed the deadline for enteries - put hey Royal Mail is always late.
  • Zleet
    Sky for charging extortionate amounts of money for every little thing because they know they have little competition. Ebay for not stamping out rampant fraud on their site. Paypal for seemingly helping with that fraud by 9 out of 10 cases always siding with the buyer.
  • Mr. P.
    Me, apparently.
  • zeddy
    Bitterwallet. They never send any of the stuff you ordered. And they bum foxes.
  • NX3
    Vodafone, how many times this year did they screwup handsets with bad firmware releases ? They screwed up HTC Desire, HTC Legend and many others. The Legend update broken SMS and it took them two weeks to even accept it was a balls up. HTC confirmed within 24 hours, Vodafone kept pushing it out like morons. The mods on VF forums aren't allowed to talk about firmware....its stupid. They've changed T&Cs several times as well trying screw customers over on data caps, restrictions on apps you can't remove but should be allowed too.
  • John-Hater-Hater
    John-Hater I fucking hate you epople like you make me puke for no reason other than you are a shit stirring tosspot.
  • Mark
    The worst company I've ever dealt with. They took 2 payments for one order and then cancelled a week later and still held both payments which I'm struggling to even get back.
  • masya
    ordered "Super Mario All Stars [25th Anniversary Edition]" from this company and have been waiting for a long time and today i received an emailed from them said "you ordered recently from Sainsbury's Entertainment has been cancelled. This is because the item has unfortunately been deleted by the supplier and is no longer available..." So frustrated with this!!!
  • Sarah
    Another vote for Snobbery's entertainment. I've ordered 3 DVD's for Christmas presents that have all been cancelled a week after I ordered them. Why do companies try and sell stuff that they don't even have in stock.
  • Christine
    1. Sainsburys Entertainment - 5 orders, none of the delivered - all cancelled saying items deleted by suppliers. Suspect they didn't ever have stock. 2. Simply Games - nondelivered item, no contact regarding refund after 3 days
  • Jimmy P.
    Sainsburys Entertainment cancelled two orders for games that I placed with them some days after they were placed, never actually received anything I have ordered from them, awful company with fake deals!
  • Jason
    Sainsburys entertainment for selling stuff they don't have and have no intention of getting.
  • Scott
    Sainsburys entertainment again ! We've seen it time and time again with sites taking orders that they cannot fufill, but it is usually large items such as consoles. Sainsburys should be ashamed of themselves cancelling orders so close to Christmas like this !!
  • Kranti
    Sainsburys entertainment for poor customer service
  • Tony
    1. Sainsburys Entertainment : Simply the biggest bunch of cowboys on the net. They should be shutdown.
  • jay
    Sainsburys entertainment, For Cancelling Mario Allstars. As their supplier deleted it, shockingly none of the other websites suppliers cancelled with them...
  • Stephen A.
    1. T-Mobile - its impossible to talk to customer service via their automated help. 2. Sky - for hanging up on me four times in one day and charging a fortune because they can. 3. Royal Mail - the usual, late/lost post,
  • Venetia M.
    Sainsburys Entertainment - for cancelling an order days after taking and holding onto my money despite their T & C's saying that money will only be taken when goods are dispatched. I ordered from them in good faith believing that Sainsburys is a very reputable company but never again. I have a very unhappy 9 year old who was promised an xbox for his birthday and now can't have one....shame on you Sainsburys Entertainment.
  • Yvonne
    Sainsburys Entertainment - have had multiple orders cancelled weeks after placing saying no stock with suppliers. shocking company and will not be using again.
  • E M.
    Sainsburys Entertainment - yes, I'm a victim of this shabby setup. Slow website, took me over an hourto register to order someof their bargains. 3 orders, 3 cancelled - reason code - lies! Supplier has deleted the item! Still avaiable elsewhere. That's 3 Christmas presents I need to find again and prices have now gone up elsewhere! Absolutely appalling customer service, don't bother to email them - they don't bother to get back to you either! Result for Sainsburys - I'll never shop online or instore with them again. SainsburysEntertainment - the best advert Tesco could ever have wished for!
  • dave
    has to be DSGi (currys, pc world ect.) stupid staff that make stuff up on the spot, pressuring customers to take extended warranties and over priced cables, very poor customer services when something goes wrong...Currys, loves to take your money, hates to actually help you!
  • Thar
    Sainsbury's Entertaiment - offer items for pre-order then cancel saying deleted by supplier and no longer available...but is still avaialbe on their site for a higher price!!! Very bad customer service and although they may be seperate to the Sainsbury's Supermarkets, Sainsbury's aren't doing themselves any favours allowing this shoddy company use their name.
  • SD
    Sainsbury’s Entertaiment cancelled my pre-ordered item (Mario Allstars for the Wii), this was their excuse: We're getting in touch to confirm that an item you ordered recently fromSainsbury's Entertainment has been cancelled.This is because the item has unfortunately been deleted by the supplier and is no longer available. What kind of excuse is that?? they can stock off some one else. And its the first time ive seen a company say the item is deleted so they have to cancel orders. The item is not deleted because it is in other shops!!!
  • Moira
    Just cancelled one order. Just waiting for them to cancel the other one! I'm going to report them to Trading Standards...they are a crap Company
  • JJ
    Is it the same person saying Sainsburys over and over? Never seen so many complaints about them before!
  • Rooaterpotatoes
    Sainsburys entertainment Sainsburys should be ashamed of themselves cancelling orders so close to Christmas like this !!
  • Zoe
    Another one for Sainsbury's entertainment. I spent 3 hours trying to place an order on their crappy website only for it to be cancelled a week later. They also cancelled another 2 of my orders that I placed afterwards. As far as I'm concerned, they can shove their poor excuse of an apology where the sun doesn't shine! @ JJ - No it's not the same person lol. There's a 35 page thread on HUKD full of other pee'd off people!
  • jane t.
    sainsburys entertainment are the worst company i have dealt with in 2010 bad site, poor respondance with customers and shoddy excuses for not delivering the 5 items i ordered and had money withheld for
  • Steph
    Ordered Mario game at the beginning of December and it took them 9 days before they cancelled. I wouldn't mind so much if it had been canceled within 48hrs. Ridiculous
  • Zleet
    Someone really hates Sainsburys and has a lot of time on their hands. Would be funny if all those different posts were from Tesco head office.
  • Tesco O.
    Hello Tesco Head Office here, we hate Sainsburys Entertinment too - in fact we hate all of Sainburys, including their T U clothing (what does that stand for - Tits Up?). Anyway, vote for Sainburys and come and buy your mis-prices and obsolete stuff from Tesco. Our promise is we will cancel your orders after 7 days, instead of 10 like those toss pots at Sainsburys Entertainment. Now, doesn't that sound better you bunch of winers?
  • northlondon01
    Zavvi/The Hut have been awful the last couple of months for me, but I'd have to go with Sainsburys Entertainment for the reasons mentioned above. For a company that's been in business for about a month, it's quite impressive they've managed to annoy so many people!
  • PeakRodent
    Another vote for Sainburys Entertainment - bunch of cowboys! I don't mind getting mis-price orders cancelled if the company comes clean but the "title has been deleted" email stinks of ineptitude at managerial level. Someone should get sacked for that.
  • Chojin
    I ordered 2 “Super Mario All Stars [25th Anniversary Edition]” from this company and have been waiting for a long time and today i received an emailed from them said “you ordered recently from Sainsbury’s Entertainment has been cancelled. This is because the item has unfortunately been deleted by the supplier and is no longer available…”

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