Last call for Best Company of 2010 nominations

best companyIt’s late on Sunday afternoon, and we don’t even know if anyone is even reading this. But if you are, here’s a plea. It’s a plea for you to switch on the positive side of your soul and think about customer service.

That’s because we’re in the final few hours of the nomination period for our Best Company In Britain 2010 award, as we seek to herald the one company that above all others, have made you not go apeshit with fury over the past twelve months.

Pop your nomination in the box below and it’ll get added to the list ahead of our big vote later in the week. Nominations end at midnight tonight (Sunday)


  • nat
    Gotta be apple, second to none for customer service. Instore repairs and lovely staff
  • kv
    shame they rip off their customers
  • Bargainhunter2009
    Amazon are great
  • Crofty
    Northernrail - I do not jest, in terms of customer service they have been outstanding, even if the trains themselves arnt always great. John Lewis - again excellent customer service O2 broadband - UK based support & great broadband Argos - they dont get enough credit imo, or maybe i've just been really lucky Toys R Us - instore assitance ace The Entertainer - could not get nicer staff if they tried, they must be doing something right.
  • Paul
    O2 - (like Crofty said) Excellent Broadband and Support - always seem to get through to the Scottish based support and have a laugh. Tesco - Several times we have complained about the goods picked when getting home delivery and every time refund us and give us vouchers...
  • ltfc4ever
    John Lewis / Waitrose - One word, Amazing! Does the NHS count? Saved a couple of my family this year, so thought they may be worth a mention, before the tories destroy it ;) Much love
  • Martin
    John Lewis Waitrose
  • Brad
    Apple!? APPLE!? Im surprised they haven't started charging you just to walk in store yet? Amazon seem to not put a foot wrong when ive used them.
  • Wongiranger
    O2 - replaced uninsured water damaged iPhone3 with brand new iPhone 4 for £25! Now have a truly loyal advocate.
  • amin
    Did we forget about Graze? O2 Amazon
  • Mike
    Dixons - have turned around customer service in my eyes, keep doing what your doing who ever is in charge now lol.
  • Claire
    It's a sad state of affairs when I can't think of a single big company offering decent customer service. Can my vote therefore be for the numerous small local businesses who work their backsides off to provide good service only to be beaten out of the game by the terrible service but unstoppable market presence of companies like Tesco, Currys and the like?
  • Steve O.
    One more shout for Ocado. Great money off vouchers, great drivers, always on time, never had a single substitution (crap or otherwise). Quick refund if anything is damaged.
  • Fox B.
    An Andy Dawson post and the first comment is about how great Apple is.........coincidence or conspiracy ? That aside, anything to do or connected with the John Lewis group needs a thumbs up, be it Waitrose or even Ocado.
  • -]
    I'm with Claire - none of the big companies deserve the title - they are supplying what they are required to by law, and little above. Smaller companies give much better service, but they won't get the votes, for obvious reasons.
  • PokeHerPete
    Appl................ I just CANT make that joke.
  • Paul
    @Claire @-] ...So are you going to nominate any of these "small local businesses"
  • Dan
    I've had some very good customer service from o2. Rang up asking to switch my broadband for a more expensive package and they pointed out to me the reasons that I'd be better off not to. Very good.
  • delrio
    i think the john lewis group as a whole can't be beaten, great service online and in stores
  • lpw
    I have to say Primark. They never argued or refused about return & refund even there is not tag, receipt or 3months old. That's customer service.
  • -]
    Paul - no, it would be pointless. We would nominate them, but with BWs incredibly low "circulation" what are the chances someone from the same area will be reading and could vote for them? At best they would get a couple of votes - not because they are poor but because they simply don't have the scale.
  • craig
    microsoft have replaced faulty items for me no fuss or hassle fantastic city link -even in 4 inch of snow managed to honour a next day deliveries consistently and richer sounds -giving advice the customer wants rather than trying to palm you off with the most expensive thing
  • james d.
    I would nominate Argos, internet prices, reserve at store capabilities, good website, and fantastic returns policy.
  • fra best cashback deals by far and fantastic customer service
  • Milky
    Again another couple of votes for John Lewis & Waitrose! always excelling.
  • Kris
    Don't know if this is too late but I will rattle off a list anyway: Amazon Apple Topcashback Graze Argos
  • Sheila A.
    I have been buying stuff from for a number of years and have never had a problem with them. I therefore nominate
  • Sucker
    T-Mobile gave me great service recently when they set my smart phone up on a new monthly contract with 600mins, 500 text and 3Gb Internet, best mobile deal ever. Oh wait...
  • Codify
    Amazon Topcashback Play ebuyer (no, really) O2 broadband

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