Laptops ahoy on Black Friday

black friday 2015 2015 is, with any luck, going to be a proper, decent Black Friday with a load of good deals, rather than the mostly piddling offers that we saw in 2014. And one thing to keep tabs on is laptops.

According to IT supply chain analyst Context, the shops in the UK have imported more laptops in October than in any other month in history. And that means loads of cheap ones to buy on November 27th.

"What we saw in week 41 [beginning of October] was that laptop sales into retail was up 65% on the previous two years, " said Adam Simon, CEO of Context. "So we thought, 'wow, we'd better watch this space'. Week 42 has gone in the same direction and is extremely high. 70,000 notebooks were distributed to retailers."

This 70% upsurge at this time of year hasn't been seen before, so it can only mean that 2015's Black Friday is going to be much bigger than any that have gone before in the UK.

"The other interesting thing," says Simon, "is that in the rest of Europe we've been tracking the five main countries and there's absolutely nothing at all that looks like a big Black Friday change in Germany, Italy, France or Spain. So at the moment it certainly looks like the rest of Europe isn't gearing up for Black Friday in the same way that the UK is and that's a big surprise because Black Friday definitely hit the radar in those countries big time last year."

Of course, we'll be covering all the best deals on the day, and will have a rolling deals which will be updated constantly, so you can try and grab yourself a bargain.

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