Kellogg axes Coco Pops that aren't Coco Pops

Do you like Coco Pops? If you're reading this site, chances are you're an adult, which means, invariably, someone has laughed at you for liking a cereal clearly aimed at children. Apparently, on your 21st birthday, you're meant to be issued with a letter from Prince Charles ordering you to start eating porridge or muesli instead.

Of course, when people tell you not to do something, quite often, you dig your heels in and do it even more. As such, you may have found yourself in a lay-by, scoffing Coco Pops and related products like someone who has just been released from a hostage situation.

There's bad news I'm afraid.

Kellogg's are still making Coco Pops but they're not bothering with the associated product range anymore. This means that the cereal manufacturer is discontinuing its Coco Pops Straws and Coco Pops Creations variants. I know, I know... I'm crying as a type and trying to self-harm with a Corn Flake. It's taking ages but I think I might be about to break the flesh.


It's not that surprising that the Coco Pops Straws are getting pulled. I mean, the ad' campaign for them saw Coco the Monkey saying "If you think breakfast cereal sucks, you're absolutely right. With Coco Pops Straws you suck the milk and munch the straw." Effectively, that's a little cartoon ape slagging off the rest of the products made by his employers. Simians have been turned into ashtrays for less.

This all comes on the back of Kellogg's taking the salt out of their cereal with nearly a third being taken out of Coco Pops. Pesky Food Standards Agency and health groups. Spoiling my breakfast in the name of what's good for my heart. I've started pre-emptively pouring whole tubs of Saxa on each meal to compensate (and petty, possibly fatal rebellion).

The company reckon that this change will decrease Britain's annual salt intake by about 300 tonnes and, perhaps more pertinently, will ensure that no Kellogg's products will have a dirty great red label on the front for high salt content under the FSA's traffic-light food-labelling scheme.

Now, back to self-harming...



  • MrRobin
    Around my workplace, where you hardly ever see kids and there are no schools nearby, there are several poster ads for Coco Pops saying 'Ever fancied Coco Pops after school?' Talk about sugar overload! I guess they're trying all they can to sell more of the primary product in replacement to getting rid of the variants...
  • djm
    how will i make my milk chocolately now? poo jokes on a post card.....
  • Alan
    What about Coco Pop Crunchers?
  • R K.
    And I would've gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for those meddling Liberals!
  • Amanda H.
    BW, Just a general comment: Can you make your blogs less than 10 words long? My yokel upbringing wasn't as good as yours. dag nabbit.
  • Junkyard
    For self-harm, you want to try a shreddie.
  • AmJit S.
    In Pakistan we have Curry Pops.
  • John S.
    Shanks here. I must take umbrage at the misleading nature of this article: "Kellogg’s are still making Coco Pops but they’re not bothering with the associated product range anymore". Whilst Kellogg is indeed discontinuing its Coco Pops Straws and Coco Pops Creations variants, it is still making Coco Pops Moons & Stars, Coco Pops Rocks and Coco Pops Mega Munchers. Also, "Kellogg's" should read "Kellogg" in said sentence.
  • Wonkey H.
    At least the council will have some more salt to sprinkle on the roads. I wander around the countryside licking it off.
  • Mr G.
    So they've brought out a shitload of new Coco Pops variants and they're getting rid of a couple of old variants nobody was buying. Big whoop. Maybe they're going to perform the Cadbury Wispa nostalgia scam: pull them off the market for a while, run a campaign about the good old days when you could get Coco Pops Straws or Coco Pops Pessaries or whatever, drum up a bogus petition to bring them back and then charge 50% more than they did originally. Or am I just a cynical old Hector?
  • milky
    I'd prefer the taste of my own shit sucked through a straw than the coco-straw product, it was nothing but milky piss with bugger all flavour, ...or sweetcorn. no choc taste in these & they don't give a toss when you tell mr kellog(s) despotic & dis-interested phone minions "care" line. good riddance to a wankers marketing ploy to fleece mums & dads further.
  • milky
    PS i'm nearly 8 & bitterwallet makes for essential morning reading on the bus to school, do i win a prize?
  • dentist r.
    I have always bought Kellogg for my kids because of the health benefits and good taste but now i might rethink that.
  • koo l.
    I have an addiction 2 coco pop straws and i need sum asap. x
  • kimplix
    screw prince charles letter! i'm gonna gave coco pops for the rest of my life. even if the fbi takes em away, i'm gonna buy 5 truck loads before all of them are gone. and that includes cereal bars, munchers and moon & stars. not really a big fan of coco pops rocks and i haven't tried the wheeled ones yet

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