Just another Manic Monday

Yes, it’s yet another made-up name for a day, (see also Meltdown Saturday, Freak out Friday and Super Stupid Sunday). Today is Manic Monday, the day when everyone has a last minute panic and buys their body weight in pies, decorations, and presents.

christmas shopping

There’s predicted to be £2.6 million spent every minute, as an estimated 15 million people pour into the high street. The reason it will be particularly intense this year? WEATHERGEDDON, of course!

Professor Joshua Bamfield of the Centre for Retail Research said: ‘We expected Saturday to be the major panic shopping day of the year but because of the bad weather in some places on Saturday I am sure a lot of people will head out shopping on Monday instead.’

And with the slightly pathetic optimism of a child trying to calculate whether they’ll get a Chopper bike this year, the British Retail Consortium added:

‘With Christmas falling midweek and with lots of people having taken Monday and Tuesday off work it certainly means Monday and Tuesday may well be busier than we would normally see in the week days.’

*please let it be busy, pleeeeeeeease*

Despite the bare-faced desperation of struggling retailers, we're sure Christmas Eve Eve will play out as it ever did, with people punching each other over M&S chipolatas and crying openly in the street.


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