John Lewis wins UK’s best retailer – AGAIN

It seems that we really can’t get enough of that sexy bleeder John Lewis, who have again come out top in a UK retail poll.
john lewis

In a survey of 5,800 people, carried out by retail analysts Verdict, John Lewis scored highest in the homewares and electrical categories, and their product quality scored high marks, too.

However, do we really have impeccable taste? Because in second place came the depressing curtains and bedding outlet Dunhelm Mills, which is the sort of place Aunt Olive goes to get her tiebacks.

Yet Dunhelm was rated highly in six out of eight categories, with customers saying they were ‘particularly impressed with their range.’

In third place was the trusty blue box of flatpack hell, IKEA, which is fair enough, but in fourth came, er, BRANTANO, another depressing as hell shop which sells cheap shoes and can usually be found in haunted retail parks at the end of the motorway.

Still, it’s another reminder, if we needed it, that John Lewis is the biggest and best in the UK.

Sarah Peters, lead analyst at Verdict said: As Britain’s favourite retailer, John Lewis continues to deliver the product ranges, inspiration and trust that customers appreciate.’

Brantano, though? Jeez. Were these people drunk?


  • jim
    brantanamo bay aint that bad - its not like Shu Zone or those other shoe shops where everything is a fiver. brantanamo has proper brands n stuff. ya get me blhud
  • Lou
    I recently got Clarks school shoes for my little granddaughter from Brantano - £34 in Clarks and a similar price in other retailers; £17 from Brantano. Excellent service too, what's not to like?
  • David
    I've got to agree with the above about Brantano. Quality stuff, but difficult to find the (admittedly very basic) stores. As for John Lewis, in my experience, the quality and service are first class. But really sorry they've gone so upmarket that the basic ranges have been banished - an inexpensive castiron "black" fryingpan (not "designed", just functional), non-stick without a coating, was part of the old John Lewis tradition. But good luck to them in eating away at Fraser's and Debenham's market shares!

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