John Lewis to become international megacorp

John Lewis is set for expansion – in fact, it plans to almost double in size, and launch a French website (may I suggest ‘Jean Lewis’?). That’s according to JL’s MD Andy Street, who says that the store ‘outperformed the market’ at Christmas, with an intense £35m spike in sales on the 27th December and a 6.9% increase in like for like sales during the Christmas period.

john lewis

At a time when most retailers are hungover after their wild pre-Christmas sales scramble, John Lewis is looking at 2014 with financial optimism, and they’ve got their heart set on TAKING OVER THE WORLD.

Stroking a white cat on a leather padded swivel chair (£169.99 from John Lewis), Mr Street outlined plans to increase their UK stores from 40 to 65 by 2023, upping their potential revenue to £7bn. The French website, as well as two new stores in York and at Heathrow Airport, will launch this year, and there’s talk of doing wholesale deals with 10 countries.

'It will still be predominantly a UK brand, lets be absolutely clear about that,' Street said. 'I think we will have moved from taking baby steps to slightly more grown up steps internationally.’

'The world will be mine...all mine' he added, spinning a globe and chuckling maniacally.


  • Frida L.
    Jean Louis, surely ?
  • jt
    What she said ^^^

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