John Lewis have a lovely Christmas

john lewis The John Lewis Partnership have had a very nice Christmas, saying that they've had strong sales, even though they didn't have as many people through their doors. Why? People buy things on the internet now.

Group sales for the six weeks to 2 January went up 4.1% from a year earlier to £1.81bn, which is nice for them. Actual sales at John Lewis department stores fell 1.2%, but online sales shot up by 21.4%.

The department store said that they had three concentrated periods that stood them in good stead last year, and they were - unsurprisingly - Black Friday, the build-up to Christmas, and the post-festive sales period.

Sir Charlie Mayfield, John Lewis’s chairman, said: “This has been a strong Christmas trading period for the partnership despite the non-food market seeing significant shifts in trade patterns and the grocery market continuing to be challenging."

"Our performance reflects to a large extent the significant investment we have made in our distribution and IT capability. Despite the fact trade was even more concentrated across a number of very busy shopping days, our operations performed especially well."

John Lewis owned Waitrose didn't fare quite as well, but as a group, seems that John Lewis is in fine form, and seeing as they're an indicator for the rest of the market, things look promising. With prices falling on the high street, we can hope that 2016 is a good year for the consumer.

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  • squiffy
    Is this proof that people want better customer service and prefer their money going to employees not off shore tax havens...

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