JD Sports to give Millets another go

millets JD Sports - who bought Blacks and Millets- saw profits dented thanks to the outdoor equipment vendors poor performance.

JD were going to merge the two in a bid to cut costs. Now, they've completed the reorganisation of the businesses and are keeping them separate because they attract ‘fundamentally different consumers’.

This is in sharp contrast to JD Sports performance, where they saw revenues reach £413 million, meaning that they can muck around with Blacks and Millets for the foreseeable in a bid to get them working again.

Group executive chairman Peter Cowgill said: "We strongly believe that the decisive actions which we have taken were necessary for these businesses to deliver returns in the long term. We maintain our belief that the product proposition for the outdoor fascias has improved significantly for the second half of the year but it is too early in the season to make any further comment on the performance."

With the cold weather drawing in, Millets and Blacks may just be of some use to everyone again.


  • Mike O.
    How interesting. :/
  • nicster08
    They're planning on changing my local Millets in to a Blacks.
  • Captain W.
    ^ Radical thinking at its best

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