Jack of all trades, (post)master of none: the PO gets new services

postman and his bikeThe Post Office has been a beleaguered thing for too long, staring at everyone sending emails and wondering how it can compete. Getting Westlife in for some adverts didn't work (obviously).

However, in an attempt to become relevant once more, post offices will now be open for longer as well as allowing customers to access their current account and offer information for jobseekers. Customers will be able to use counters and computer screens to access their current accounts held with other banks (notably, the ones that are state-backed as well as RBS and NatWest accounts).

So what else have the government got lined up for our humble post offices?

Well, we could well see more online services as well as self-service computer points in branches (which presumably has been hatched up to tackle the problems of queues). These Post Office proposals are separate from the plan for Royal Mail, which is looking increasingly like it will be privatised, which some quarters feel will kill off our post offices.

Billy Hayes, general secretary of the Communication Workers Union, said the sale of up to 90% of Royal Mail, coupled with rumours that the payment of benefits is to be handed to a private firm, would deny post offices the "oxygen" they needed to survive.

"If you take away the oxygen of the Royal Mail from Post Office Counters, if you take away the welfare contract, you are going to kill the post office network," he told the BBC. In fairness, the post office is already being killed off by people using online services.

Next week: The government randomly put coffee shops in post offices.


  • Marky M.
    Why not put Post Offices in coffee shops? Post Office Counters Ltd have already sold their souls to WH Smith in many towns, and coffee shops are generally nicer places (does not apply to Starbucks). Or, if they're going to get computer terminals to access government services, why not put post office counters in libraries? They already have internet access for punters anyway, libraries would be open for longer, and Post Office Counters could pay the county council rent for the space so then the council don't have to buttfuck us quite so hard to prop up their own pensions. Sorry, I mean "provide more valuable high-quality services for the disadvantaged". And no I don't need credit for my mobile phone and yes I already have car insurance. I just want a bloody stamp.
  • akiss
    "Why not put Post Offices in coffee shops? " Because poor people like to use the Post Office too. Can you imagine a 94yr old withdrawing their pension in £1 coins, ordering a double latte and almond muffin at the same time whilst pissing their pants on the chaise lounge?.
  • zeddy
    @akiss: yes.
  • Junkyard
    "coffee shops are generally nicer places" That's because they don't have a goddamn post office slap bang in the middle of them.

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