It's not just Mum who goes to Iceland

fullZZZZZZTVC071106094422PIC A Sainsburys employee in Cheadle, Cheshire has been busted for buying £1 Warburton's Toastie loaves from Iceland next door and selling them on for a 49p profit.

Having run out of stock, the resourceful idiot stocked the shelves straight from Iceland carrier bags, perhaps imagining that nobody would notice. They were then sold for the standard exorbitant Sainsbury's price of £1.49.

But he/she didn't reckon on the curtain twitching gossip mongerers of Cheadle village, who pronounced themselves 'shocked' and went bleating to the Daily Mail.

Iceland reacted with amusement saying: 'Sainsbury’s are more than welcome to buy bread from us and then sell it on, but if their customers want to avoid paying the extra 49p then they need to go to Iceland themselves.'

What, stand in a freezing cold shed looking at posters of Kerry Katona's prawn ring? Think I'd rather pay the extra, thanks.


  • Alexis
    Don't see what the lad did wrong. They had run out, so he popped across the road. They just happened to be on offer. Considering Sainsbury's probably pay 75p Warburtons in the first place, they're the ones taking the profit hit by buying at a 15p markup. Maybe the Cheadle nosies should ask Warburtons if they can buy direct from them at 75p a pop. They'll be told where to go.
  • Chewbacca
    I love Iceland. Moron's.
  • Lord S.
    Come on fake Chewbacca - Even I know he doesn't use Grocer's Apostrophes (And he uses a small c - chewbacca) It's no fun baiting pretenders. Fucking morons
  • K K.
    Where he went wrong was not using Icelands free delivery service.
  • Dick
    That's what most of the dicks do on hot uk deals buy in bulk then resell. No harm Iceland make profit Sainsburys keep mrs snottiness in bread....simple
  • chewbacca
    I love Kerry Katona she's what I am
  • gunn
    I take it sainsbury management approved this as surely they paid for the bread not the shelf stacker
  • Zeddy
    Kerry's prawn ring now comes with a free black pudding.
  • chewbaccca
    I have to admit, fake chewie is getting better. Well, he was until he uttered that "like what I am" line. Still, he did get an apostrophe in the right place this time, so well done there! I don't know what's more tragic; that some retard pretends to be me, or that I'm the most interesting/talked about user here. Really, there are far better "characters" out there. Shit website's best troll is shit. You fucking mars bars.
  • chewbacca
    But just so we're clear I do love Kerry Katona though
  • Cupid S.
    It's Mars
  • Her L.
  • chewbacca
    I love apostraphe's
  • Lord S.
    Apostraphe's what?
  • chewcocka
    Lucy Sweat strikes mevas being a real Iceland girl. Checkout job coming up!
  • Erna R.
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