It's nearly summer, time for Christmas toys 2011!

Bitterwallet - Fijit top toy 2011It's already June 6th, so we know what you're thinking - "what am I going to buy the little shits for Christmas?" Yes, we imagine Christmas shopping is already playing on your mind, because Tesco have told us it is, so it must be true.

In an effort to beat all the other polls announcing the top toys for Christmas 2011, the supermarket chain has got in early with their list. And a slightly baffling list it is, to, being topped by a toy that won't be available anywhere in the world until Autumn - almost as if Tesco are planning to stock them and are therefore attempting to create hype about beforehand.

The Fijit, produced by Mattel, is a creature that responds to audio codes placed in television programmes and, ugh, commercials. You can only keep the kids safe from the marketing power of global corporations for so long. And of all the Lego lines available, why the Lego City Police Station? Is this a list of toys children will want, or Tesco will want to sell? We all know the answer to that.

1. Fijit
2. Kidizoom Twist Camera
3. Barbie Doggie Water Park
4. Transformers 3 Optimus Prime
5. Baby Annabell
6. Bob The Builder Construction Tower
7. Lego City Police Station
8. Bopit XT
9. Nerf N Strike Night Finder
10. Monopoly Banking

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  • Nick T.
    Not sure I like the sound of doggie water park.

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