It pays to work at Sports Direct

Working at Sports Direct can’t be fun. Trying to cram cheesy feet into Nike Air Max and selling Kappa tracksuits to toothless burglars all day has got to take its toll.

sports direct

So it’s heartening news that 2,000 valiant sales assistants of Sports Direct are today celebrating a windfall – thanks to a leap in profits for the firm. The chain, who are currently riding high, have operated an incentive scheme since 2011 and are now in a position to hand out shares in the company. Incredibly, bonuses of up to £76,000 are being given to people who usually only earn £20,000.

Sports Direct credit their four year share incentive bonus scheme with their massive success on the high street. Created by Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley, who owns 64% of the chain, the scheme has driven annual profits up to a mind boggling £207.02 million.

CEO Dave Forsey said: ‘If you have so many people linked to performance, from thousands in the back office to the shop floor, all driven by such an incentive, it is very powerful.’

So let’s raise an UNFEASIBLY LARGE Sports Direct mug full of champagne to the workers...and hope that they don’t all spend their 76 grand on trainers.


  • Justin A.
    The prospect of discount sports shop sales assistants being able to afford to own cars that corporate middle management takes for granted... mind boggling.
  • amazon s.
    £76,000 will be the top jobs who don't do **** all probably. The little guy on the shop floor might get a fiver.
  • waffle
    i heard trading standards were taking them to court for the misleading use of the word "sport" in their name
  • So T.
    ^more or less this. The average "store manager" (on about 20k) will see this sort of windfall (before tax). The general scummy skivvy will get a lot less. Regardless of the unpredictable windfalls, would you really want to work for that fat tosser in a shop where 99% of your customers are tracksuit wearing benefits scum? Probably not, unless you drink Tennant's.
  • adam b.
    Actually amazon zombie, not so. "About 2,000 permanent staff will receive three quarters of their salary in shares priced at £1.25, meaning a shop assistant on £20,000 per year will receive 12,000 shares worth more than £70,000 at yesterday’s closing price. Those on higher salaries will receive even more."
  • So T.
    ^Madam, shop assistants do not earn £20k ,or anywhere near that, but your premise is sound
  • I f.
    Some daft fuck forgot to put a 1 in front of the 2 and take a 0 away. The poor souls that have to deal with the immigrant and chavs who frequent their stores will get pittance
  • Stan L.
    I hate this shop almost as much as I hate Ikea , but at least you can buy a shite ball in there shops (annoyingly left in baskets at the door, so they can be hoofed about the place). Try buying even a shite ball in JD.
  • So T.
    ^learn the difference between "there" and "their" you fucking retard.
  • So T.
    ^and "they're", obviously. I've been drinking too much Tennant's tonight.
  • shiftynifty
    Cashley Ashley strikes again....The general scummy skivvy will get a lot less...why are scum/skivvy? least they are doing a job ...jog on So retarded I can't spell Tennant's ...fuckwit
  • I m.
    ^Look, you fanny, learn how to construct a sentence (and a coherent point) before you call someone a fuckwit. Do the world a favour, go fuck an electricity pylon. You fucking wank.
  • shiftynifty
    I can't spell Tennants because I'm a fucking moron really are a fuckwit.... jog on
  • Kevin
    They are full-time staff members only.
  • Ken C.
    Sport Direct is now one of those companies that use zero-hour contracts which are the kind of slave contracts Thatcher dreamed of when she basically outlawed trade unions' ability to fight for workers' rights. Maybe Ashley is using these sick contracts as the thin end of the wedge to do the same with his Newcastle United footballers or even the manager. "Paulo De Canio, on a zero-hours contract, fails to attract Wayne Rooney to join the club" might be the kind of headline we shall see before too long.

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