Is your supermarket the filthiest in the UK?

supermarket Some supermarkets are dirty. We're talking dirtier than a catholic's daydreams. And now, someone has compiled the filthiest supermarkets in the UK.

Hygiene inspectors have put together the list of the 14 food shops which were given a big fat zero hygiene rating during routine checks. In the list, is the Tesco store in Highgate, which was so skanky that it had to be closed down for a time, thanks to a mouse infestation. Also appearing on the list is a Poundland from Birmingham, which also had a problem with mice.

If you get a zero rating, that means you've fallen so far short of guidelines that 'urgent improvement is necessary'. If you get a five, you're the bee's knees, obviously.

The complete results show that, out of everyone, Tesco and Asda are ranked worst. Aldi or Waitrose had no shops which were deemed inadequate by the inspectors.

Anyway, you want to see if your shop is the stankiest, so here's the run-down. They're in no particular order, because you can't order things that have no score.

Yours Supermarket, Leicester
Spar, Millstone Lane, Leicester
Co-op, Evington Road, Leicester
Pound Box, Preston
Iqbal Cash & Carry, Rochdale
Pak Supermarket, Birmingham
Poundland, Corporation Street, Birmingham
Beer Bank, Walsall, West Midlands
Fine Foods, Harlesden, London
Sira Cash & Carry, Southall, London
Tesco Express, Swain's Lane, Highgate, London
Abbey Wood Afro Caribbean Cash & Car, Willesden, London
Cheam Food Centre, North Cheam, Surrey
Aberavon Supermarket, Port Talbot, South Wales


  • yoleic
    Clean sweep of the podium by Leicester.
  • Topcaty
    yoleic, Surely the dirtiest sweep of the podium in Leicester?

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