Is a single 'digital market' on the way?

a child on the internet The internet is supposed to be a global thing, but entertainment companies insist on geo-locking their product, making certain elements of online frustrating and pointless.

With that, the European Commission have a plan to make a "digital single market", which aims to remove the borders from the content we get online. It is a nice idea, and obviously, one that is set to be fraught with red-tape and problems.

However, if it works, that means that Netflix, Sky Go and iPlayer could be available to everyone across the whole of the EU. The commission themselves say that the idea is that EU residents can enjoy "the same online content and services regardless of the EU country (they) are in".

Another good thing that could spring out of this is the end of roaming charges. There could also be cheaper parcel deliveries, as everyone will be allowed to browse stores that reside in different companies, that are cheaper.

The European Commission has guessed that this could create (up to) £250bn in additional growth. Hopefully, this would mean companies could focus on better prices, better services and a better quality of products, because they'll be investing in those rather than wrestling with regulations.

As an aside, this is a move from the EU to tackle the dominance of Google and Facebook, who incidentally, are being probed along with Amazon. This is a different investigation from the antitrust one. There's going to be a report on the transparency of search results and there's a potential for some regulation against them.

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