Investigation launched into Hermes?

Investigation launched into Hermes?

According to business minister Margot James, tax authorities could be launching an investigation into Hermes, as there is talk of them paying their workers less than the than the minimum wage.

There's been a number of complaints from former couriers for the company, regarding the treatment they received from the firm.

Hermes don't directly employ their drivers, instead going for a system where couriers operate like self-employed contractors.

While Hermes say this offers flexibility, an investigation by the Guardian showed one former driver alleging that their workload was increased against their wishes, even after they'd asked for help with their existing workload.

The courier wanted to spend more time with their terminally partner, and was subsequently fired by Hermes.

There's also been claims that staff have been threatened with the sack for going to hospital appointments.

Frank Field MP has got in touch with the business minister, looking into the 'gig economy', where staff are hired on a temporary basis and treated like independent workers.

There's calls for better protection for people in these kinds of positions, and Field says that Hermes workers shouldn't be classed as self-employed as they're bound to abide by Hermes' orders on start times and delivery slots.

HMRC could now look into this system, and look at the Hermes case, and the fact that Hermes couriers are paid 'per-parcel', which could amount to earning less than the national minimum wage.

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