In the shops now!: The IKEA sale you can live without

IKEA. It's Swedish for value. Or that might have been Aldi. Or Lidl. Or some foreign crapmongerer, the name of which presently escapes us. Anyway. Bitterwallet reader Steve Rowland knows a bargain when he sees one. And this isn't one of them:

Don't all rush at once, kids. More bargains please! If you spot them with your eyes (either one, or both - it's fine by us) then take a snap and deliver it without haste to [email protected]


  • Anon
    what a bargain!
  • arcsbite's scandanavian for value
  • Mike H.
    I thought KALLT was Scandanavian for "Fucking bargain hunting numpties!"
  • Disneyfan
    na. KALLT is scandinavian for ' that crap we can't sell over there so we will put it in a box with a stupid sounding name and some tit will buy it cos its from ikea'
  • Newsvend
    Reminds me of a crowded bank holiday I was deep in the bowels of IKEA (what a mug), when over the loudspeaker they announced that a random numberplate from a vehicle in the IKEA carpark would be read out and they would be the very lucky recipient of a MYSTERY PRIZE. I won it, and excitedly spent the next 30 minutes wrestling past shoppers to get to the main desk, thinking that just maybe the proize might be a kitchen or bed or similar. Well it was a £10 petrol voucher at the gas station next door. And guess what? The gas station refused to redeem the voucher, as it was out of date.
  • Fred C.
    That sign works well with a lot of Brits as they don't understand the mathematics and the concept of a mathematical notation. All that they see is a figure that is crossed out in small print and the big red number usually triggers the visual cortex to suggest a bargain to the decision making part of the cerebrum irrespective of the relative values of the before price and the after price.
  • Paul N.
    You've nailed it Fred. I think that's exactly the point that the yellow label naysayers keep failing to acknowledge. The use of these "discount" cues when there really isn't a discount is manipulative.
  • Jones P.
    99% of your British stores are foreign owned anyway so LiDL, Aldi or IKEA doesn't matter.

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