In the shops now! The Essential Bob Diddley!

As spotted (ie pilfered) on 30something muso wankrag, The Word, here's a great spot by a reader:


Yep. That'd be rock 'n' roll legend Bob Diddley, The Originator, the man who influenced Hendrix and rock 'n' roll hall of famer. That Bob Diddley.  As spotted in a Well Known Record Shop.


  • Andrew R.
    Not really that funny
  • Name
    Those are done by hand in the shop on a little labeling machine. Sometimes we used to do ones a lot 'funnier' than that, I think whoever looked at the cd of this one thought it was a typo and 'corrected' it.
  • maxtweenie
    Is he as good as Bo Dylan though?
  • Bob
    You're right Andrew, you aren't really that funny.
  • Bo
  • goon
    about as funny as a room full of babies with cancer

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