In the shops now! Save yourself 18p or far, far less at Argos

Argos probably meant to run the 2 for £15 promotion before introducing their sale prices, or vice-versa. As it stands, you have a choice of four toys; buy two specific products to save a staggering 18 pence, or buy in any other combination and lose even more:

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    You sad people.
  • Honky S.
    Errr, £4.99 + £4.99 =£15?. I make that a -£5.02 saving! Stupendous!!!
  • Tony Q.
    Congratulations, you've worked out the article. Would you like a gold star?
  • Jack
    (£7.79 + £7.79 ) -£15 = £0.58 Saving. Thats the best saving you can achieve in the sale - The only other saving is the £7.79 & £7.39 items (Save a whole £0.18). Every other combination of items makes a loss, the worst being being a -£5.02 "saving".
  • > H.
    FFS, It's buy 2 for £15 on selected items, so as Honky has pointed out you can buy two items from the list for £15. Do you put these us to wind us up?
  • Amanda H.
    7:36am < much too early for you, go back to bed!

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