in the shops now! - pricing errors from behind the counter

An interesting offer from Comet this morning, but this time it's not from the perspective of the customer. Bitterwallet reader Rob is a member of staff at this particular branch of the electrical behemoths - what do they make of it all?

This kind of mistake is commonplace, and we get new tickets printed out every morning, with almost a guarantee of mistakes:

Rob continues:

The people responsible for typing up these tickets get paid more than us regular sales staff, yet it seems their errors are never punished (such as the time recently they sent nearly 200 sales tickets to every store without the previous price on them).

You'd think someone checked these things first eh?!

Of course mistakes will happen, but nearly every day? If you're paid to do the maths, it's kind of important to get it right. And how do the labels work - does the price on the label dictate the price on the barcode and in the system, or is that pre-determined before the prices are typed up? If you're in the know, let us know too.

If you work behind the counter, or even if you don't, keep the store oddities coming please - send them along with a perfectly spherical sponge of your choice to [email protected]


  • Pure-Klenz
    Ticket makers do a good job you chedder...
  • Bullet
    £699 for a 47 inch with 80000-1 ratio is that a good price then??
  • Rob
    My favourite one was also from the same day as the above one, a Kodak camera, 'was £199.99 now half price . . . . £129.99. Genius.
  • Anon
    I work for Tesco. This sort of thing is commonplace. Usual is something like Apples £0.50 each or 2 for £2. Not such a bargain is it?
  • Vince W.
    Whoever did labels that day is now in the naughty corner.

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