In the shops now! Comet busy sucking the savings away

An angry long-time reader and frustrated member of staff at Comet writes:

"As I have previously sent in ticketing errors, and also complained that the people responsible get paid waaaay more than I do as a mere sales bod, I figured I'd send another one in, and damn it, I wont stop sending them in, until the site doesn't want them anymore, such is my anger at their idiocy":

Bitterwallet - ahoy Comet pricing errors ahoy
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  • Bullet
    Why is this not on HUKD, rep and heat added gas mark 8.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I do not understand this blog article, but it must be good if it's posted on BitterWallet.
  • Simon
    @ Brian, Are you one of the upper managers at Comet ?
  • Steve
    A good example of maths using imaginary numbers (or functions)...

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