In the shops now! Because old cream is better than new cream...

Thanks to keen-eyed Bitterwallet club member Stuart Langrish.


  • Mike e.
    Mmmm, cream pie...
  • Nobby
    Maybe it's got extra cream in it.
  • Mike e.
    Ahh now I see, It's been on the shelves so long, that it's turned to cheese, which is more expensive!
  • Mark
    What thick clot priced that?
  • Elias
    Was in Waitrose earlier. They had little 1l bottles of own brand lemonade, two for 80p. Then directly below them, 2l bottles of the same lemonade, 79p each. My head span.
  • Mike e.
    "My head span." Did you get a photo of this occurrence?
  • Mike e.
    I think Stu has found a blank REDUCED label and written his own prices on it, why has this reduced pot of cream been put with the others? And why have the others not got labels on them? Stu's telling little porkies to get his photo on Bitter Wallet, tut tut.

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