IKEA's far-out furniture for the 1960s, nothing new to report

Plenty of us tend to consider IKEA to be a fairly modern blight on furniture aesthetics - in fact the first store opened its doors in Sweden in 1958. But what could you expect to buy in IKEA half a century ago? The answer seems to be pretty much the same stuff you can buy now:

This is a page from the 1965 edition of the IKEA catalogue. That bookcase looks strangely familiar. Don't they still stock that?

[ikke tikke theo]


  • Dimrill
    How many other ways are there to arrange planks to hold books?
  • HappyCustomer
    ^ True.
  • ElBuc
    Yes, that bookcase is part of the Clitt range - page 75 of the 2009 Ikea catalogue.
  • Mike E.
    ELBuc, your mistaken, it's part of the TWATT range, pg83
  • Nobby
    Those doors (from the WANKK range) on the bookcase look better hinged than modern day Ikea furniture.
  • eddiex
    Could anyone out there who has ever had a dick in there mouth confirm if it is the same as an IKEA hot dog ?

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