Ikea upset all the record collectors in the world!


Ikea, if you didn't know, where one of the best friends of the ardent record collector. Why? Well, they sold the Expedit shelf, which has been the favoured shelving unit for those with a lot of vinyl to store.

The unit is the perfect height and depth for 12″ vinyl and you can fix them all together to make a veritable library in the spare room.

However, Ikea have announced that they will be discontinuing the Expedit shelving range (starting in Germany and presumably moving elsewhere after that) which means that record collectors will now have to start stacking up their dust magnets in corners, looking all unseemly and grotty.

Music nuts in Germany are so upset by all this, that they've launched a Facebook campaign called "Rettet das Ikea Expedit Regal" (or Save the IKEA Expedit bookshelf, if you prefer).

Ikea have introduced something called Kallax which has similar proportions, but seeing as vinyl enthusiasts are fond of things that are out-dated and not new in design, it might not matter that this new range will have similar dimensions in which to house your records.

Either way, if your local branch has Expedit for sale, it'd be worth stocking up, either for yourself, or to sell at inflated prices to record collectors (give 'em a taste of their own medicine, eh?)


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