Ikea to pay living wage in UK

ikea Ikea - the shop where most people wander around and buy things like any other shop, while pretending that they're always getting lost, arguing, and all manner of other imagined quirks - are going to start paying their British staff the living wage.

This will start next year.

Now, George Osborne announced a compulsory living wage for workers aged over 25, which equates to being paid £7.20 an hour, and it'll rise to £9.35 by 2020.

Ikea looked at these numbers and thought vänta en minut! and decided that they would pay all of its UK workers the amount set out by The Living Wage Foundation. They're the first retailer to do this, which will annoy some of their competitors no doubt.

So basically, you don't have to wait until you're 25 to get the living wage, which is good news. Provided you're working for Ikea from April 2016 onward, of course.

"This is a huge step for the British retail sector and we hope that many other businesses will follow the leadership Ikea is showing on the issue of basic pay," said Rhys Moore, director of The Living Wage Foundation.


  • Marvin
    I'm betting less than 10% of staff are under the living wage already at IKEA, so the rise isn't going to hit them to hard. They should still be commended for doing this of course.
  • Sawyer
    According to the BBC, "about half of its 9000 workers will benefit."

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