Ikea to open little shops (with meatballs)


While out-of-town supermarkets have been ailing, Ikea have been doing just fine, with people travelling  to get their throws and furniture. That said, soon, you might not have to travel very far if you're after some meatballs, as Ikea have decided to start opening smaller, high street stores.

Of course, thanks to these shops being smaller, there'll be less furniture on offer, but there'll be click-and-collect facilities, and their famous Scandinavian cafes.

The first of these small stores will open in Norwich, and it could well be a success, as people who don't drive might be more inclined to buy Ikea stuff, if they've got a little, local shop to go in. The retailer has been struggling to find land that was large enough to accommodate their enormo-shops, so this is the next best thing.

Gillian Drakeford, UK country manager, said: "We know that consumers in the UK like to shop across many channels and are using multiple devices."

"Our customers are also telling us that with 18 stores in the UK, we are often too far away. Order and Collection Points give us the opportunity to trial new ways of being more accessible."

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