Ikea plan to move into the world of electronic goods

ikea They’ve conquered the complex worlds of cheap flat pack furniture and meatballs and now Ikea are going for the hat trick, as they announce plans to start stocking electronic items as well.

Following a hook-up with some Chinese manufacturers, the Swedish company will be flogging TV’s wireless sound systems and Blu-ray and CD/DVD players in addition to tables and shelves that have names.

They’re planning to sell combination units, containing storage space as well as dedicted space for the electronic gizmos and gadgetry. A guide price of about £600 for a combination bench unit, TV and speaker system has been mooted by the curious Swedes.

It’s early days for the venture though and only five European stores will initially carry the added range. Meatballs will continue to be sold everywhere.


  • Mike H.
    Will it be as shit as the furniture? And purchased with my money by chavs for their bongs, ash trays, redbull, max power mags? And will it fall apart after 12 months and a day?
  • Massive C.
    IKEA, the brand for the discerning chav.
  • Sicknote
    Great news, you'll be able to buy a wanketyplinkplonk for £150 and when assembled as best you can with some missing & broken parts it'll look like a fucked up IPAD In the event you do get it right you'll still stand out like a dog's cock because it'll be made from sustainable rubber wood
  • Shaniaa
    my hoose is filled with a whole bunch of ikea stuff, but mah brother got caught nicking stuff out of the warehouse and now we banned, so a just hav to buy all ma stuff at brighthouse n argos. But i get good deal wiv em and a just put everyfing on ma argos card so a dont hav to pay em any money!!
  • Marky M.
    TCL are shit, even by Chinese standards. Avoid.
  • Boris
    I love meatballs but I would rather have something larger, a pastry casing would be great too.
  • Commander S.
    Coffin Pie ?
  • Commander S.
    Or have you tried the kista pastaliknande ?
  • Boris
    How dare you! I am not a pervert Sela.
  • Capability B.
    Insert wire F into transistor Z. Bend back switch point K and attach to control board T with the glue provided.....

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